How to Recover Files on Windows10?


Now that the computer has become an indispensable item in life and office work, almost any work has its existence, and the Windows system also upgrades from XP to Win7 to Win8 to now Win10. With the upgrade of the system, many problems have emerged endlessly. Many of my friends often mistakenly deleted Windows files when using the Win 10. They wanted to recover files but found that the recycle bin was empty. This article provides solutions for friends who encounter this dilemma and tells you how to recover lost files under win10 system. 

2.The main reason for file loss

According to the author's experience, the main reasons for the loss of win10 system files are:

1 Partition Formatted: In order to maintain the normal operation of the computer, we often format the hard disk partition to delete th wrong file. But this time there will be a problem, that is, too many file files in the partition, and sometimes forget to delete some useful files.

2 Virus Attack: We usually use the computer may find the file is inexplicably lost, and finally found the virus inside the computer with antivirus, is likely to result in a virus attack.

3 Operating System Crash: When the computer is under heavy load for a long time, it is easy to overheat and cause problems on the computer. At this time, it is very easy to cause the risk of the operating system crashing, resulting in the loss of files.

4 Partition Lass: Since the operation of creating a hard disk partition involves the data activity of the hard disk itself, if an error occurs in the process, it may cause the loss of files in the hard disk partition.

5 Device Not Recognized: Sometimes due to some urgent things, we may directly remove the mobile hard disk that is in use. This will cause the removable hard disk to be inserted into the unrecognizable, which is also a kind of file loss.

6 Card Unreadable: Losing all photos on the SD card may be disturbing. Everything can now be stored on SD cards, from photos to important sensitive data. However, like any other electronic storage device, photos can disappear in some way or the SD card suddenly appears unreadable.

7 Recycle bin empty: Some friends in life often take a long time to work, making their own rest time less lead to lack of concentration, accidentally delete all important data, and directly empty the recycle bin. This situation is something we do not want to see.

In fact, for computers, all the stored data is stored in the hard disk, so the files in the computer are all placed on the hard disk. What kind of hard disk is it? In fact, the internal hard disk of the computer is what we usually see. C disk, d disk, e disk, etc., the specific hard disk partition according to each computer, each system is different, some computers can be separated from the f disk, h disk, and some computers are only a simple two or three disks. In the process of using a computer, we always encounter the situation where the loss of system files causes the computer to malfunction. This article explains how to handle computer files when they are lost.

3.Win10 main features

Win10 seems to be an upgraded version of win8, compared to the win8 system to bring a lot of improvements, but also brought a lot of new features. The following is a summary of the author's new features on Windows 10.

1 For desktop users, Microsoft restored the original start menu and integrated the "start interface" in the Windows 8.x system into the menu. The Modern application (or Windows Store application) allows the desktop to run in windowed mode and use Win7's Aero Snap mode for side and full-screen attachment.

2 The Charm Bar on the right side of the desktop is still retained, while the left side slides into the desktop and the quota changes to multi-task preview that attempts to quickly select and switch between applications that you want to use with the current task. In addition, the user can also perform a global search of local or online content at the bottom of the Start menu (consistent with Windows 7).

3 The new generation of Windows 10 is turned on by default and directs users to use the “workspace” (traditionally named “virtual desktop”) feature. This feature was implemented in the Windows XP era until Windows 10 mentioned higher user priorities. Users can run custom group applications on different desktops to facilitate switching between different scenarios and usage requirements.

4 The two-in-one variant includes surface and other devices with a dedicated desktop form. Under this mode, the Modern interface, start menu, and power options will coexist in the form of resident forms and the taskbar, and will be presented directly on the desktop.

5 Microsoft uses Windows 10 as a unified brand name covering all categories and sizes of Windows devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc., to achieve windows one.

4.Step to recover files on Windows 10 with software

After introducing the new features of the win 10 system, the author then introduced a new free windows 10 data recovery software to everyone, telling everyone how to effectively reply to the missing files. First attach a download link for this free product:

Step 1

Download iFinD Data Recovery Software.

Free download iFinD Data Recovery immediately and then install it to your local drive or external disk that doesn't include any files waiting to be recovered. After that, you can launch the software to start recovery.


Outstanding features of iFinD Data Recovery

  1. It is very easy to use, so even green hands are able to complete picture recovery by looking at the operation tips.
  2. Its scanning speed is very fast and recovery success rate is pretty high.
  3. It is absolutely pure with no plug-in or spyware bundled.
  4. It has excellent compatibility.:
Step 2:

Select the function:

After downloading and installing iFinD Data Recovery on computer, you're expected to open it at once to see the three functional modules in main interface. Now, we'll list the specific usage of modules you'll probably use to help you choose the best one. 

Step 2: Select the function.

"Lost File Recovery" This feature is for file recovery on an existing partition. This partition may be destroyed or formatted, or the file may be deleted.

"Lost Partition Recovery"This function is to restore the partition after the partition is deleted or lost, and then recover the data on the partition.

"Scan Result List"This function can save your every scan result. You can choose any scan result to recover the above file, which can save you a lot of time.

Step 3:

Select the partition to be restored:

All the partitions will be listed here. Select the partition to be restored and click ‘’scan”. If you do not find the partition you need to recover, you can try the computer to reconnect the device and click “Refresh”.

Step3: Select the partition to be restored.
Step 4:


Scanning: This page shows the process being scanned, and you can decide 1: stop, 2: pause, and you can see the various real-time information scanned.

1: Cancel: Click this button, the program will terminate the ongoing scanning process, and return to the device selection page of the second step, please click carefully.

2: Pause: Click this button. The program will pause the scanning process and display the found files. If you don't want to wait until the scan is over, you will know if you have found the file you need. Click this button. At any time, you can click the 'Resume' button to continue scanning.

3: This place will display the number of files found in real time. From top to bottom, all the files, pictures, media, compression, and documents are listed in order.

Step 4: Scanning
Step 5:

This place will show the found file.

1: If you do not find the file you need, click "Resume" button to continue scanning until you find the file you need.

2: If you find a file that you need to restore, click the "Recover" button, then select a local disk location, save the file you found to the local. Be careful not to save to the partition to be restored.

Step 5 This place will show the found file.

The above is what the author introduced for you - super useful Win10 system free data recovery operation tutorial. After many comparisons, I strongly recommend this free data recovery software. ifind data recovery is really a good free data recovery software that is very suitable for win10 system.