Lost File Recovery Module

Well, congratulations! You've come to the right place. We'll now tell you the exact solutions you need. 

About damaged partition recovery

Damaged Partition Recovery module is the most powerful data recovery module of iFinD Data Recovery. It is designed to recover data from logically damaged, formatted and RAW partitions. In general, lost files could be recovered by using this module as long as the partition exists. 

There’re 3 kinds of partition loss situations which will lead to different phenomena.

  • 1: Recover lost data due to accidental deletion, emptying recycle bin, and 'shift+delete' command without backups.
  • 2: Restore files from a formatted partition, drive and card. Data recovery from raw or inaccessible hard drive caused by format error is included.
  • 3: also supports data recovery after system crash, hard drive error or failure, virus attack, unexpected power off, etc.

How to use damaged partition recovery module

Step 1

Download iFinD Data Recovery

Free download iFinD Data Recovery and then install it to your local drive or external disk that doesn't include the partition which any files waiting to be recovered. After that, you can launch the software to start recovery.


Outstanding Features:

  1. It is very easy to use, so even beginner are able to complete the files  recovery in damaged partition.
  2. The damaged partition recovery moudle scanning is very fast and files recovery success rate is very high.

Step 2

Choose lost file recovery module:

After downloading and installing iFinD Data Recovery on computer, you're expected to open it at once to see the three functional modules in main interface. Now, we'll select the lost file recovery module. 

Step 3

Select the partition which damaged to recovery.

After select the damaged partition moudle, select partition where data got lost and then click Next button to search for all lost files. 

Step 4

Select the files which need to recovery.

After scan the partition, select partition where data got lost and then click Next button to search for all lost files.