Did you ever delete your important email by accident? Maybe you want to clean up your email inbox cause there are space limits, Or just removed it as spam by mistake or just a system crash.

Whatever the reason, it’s painful and sad, but thanks for the technologies today, you still have a chance to retrieve the deleted emails back, here are some details about Deleted Email Recovery for you.

Based on the level of email usage, there are usually two types of email users: using browsers for checking email online or using email clients installed on local PC. We give you some guidelines for how to retrieve your deleted email for both of them.

How to recover deleted emails from Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail/Outlook(web-based)

Almost every popular email provider have a mechanism which allows you to retrieve your deleted emails in 30 days. We can easily get deleted email back in that period, but if it’s more than 30 days, unfortunately, you can do nothing about it.

How to recover deleted emails from Gmail

Step 1. Login your gmail account, click the “setting” button and select “Labels”, then you can find the Trash option and change it to SHOW

How to recover deleted emails from Gmail

Step 2. Check the left menu and you will find a category named Trash, click it and you will see the list of the deleted email. Choose the email you want to recover and move it to another place.

If you are using G  suite, check here in google Q/A

How to recover deleted emails from Yahoo

For Yahoo, you can find the Trash on the left menu, in case it’s folded up, you need to click the More to extend. Then choose the deleted email you need to recover!

How to recover deleted emails from Gmail

How to recover deleted emails from Hotmail/Outlook

For Hotmail and Outlook, you can find the Deleted Items on the left menu directly. Choose the email you need and click Restore.

There is also a very detail article at office.com

How to recover deleted emails from Gmail

How to recover deleted emails from outlook(locally)

Some of us use the email client to manage our emails such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, etc. Typically, These software use database files to store everything like email, images, attachments. The database gives us an opportunity to recover our deleted emails even more than 30 days.

In some case, such as the virus, delete by mistake, System/Hardware crash, or non-standard uninstalling, all these situations could result in the data files lost or software damage. By using our free ifind data recovery software, you can quickly recover deleted email in 3 steps.

  • Recovery the data files used data recovery software.
  • Reinstall the email management software.
  • Import the data files to the email management software.

How to recover email data files use data recovery software?

Step1: Downloading and installing iFinD Data Recovery Software.

Step2: Running the software and select the first bottom: “Lost File Recovery“.

Step3: At the end of the scan, select the PST file you found, and then, click Recover.

Step4: When you recover the files to the local disk, open the outlook and select the “Open&Export”, and then select the “Import/Export”, import the pst files which have been recovered. In the process, you must input the password, and you will recover all your emails.

Through the above article, we learned what is Email Data Files and how to use iFinD Data Recovery to recover it. If you are looking for other deleted file recovery, you can check our another tip about Recover Deleted Files. Hope to help you solve the problem.

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