Did you mistakenly delete a partition in Windows 10 or 11? Don’t fret! Find how to recover deleted partition in Windows 10/ 11. Read our complete guide for a stress-free fix.

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Did you find one of your partitions was gone when you booted your computer? There are a lot of possibilities for why this might have happened.

Apparently, the partition is still there but isn’t being displayed correctly. Or perhaps you accidentally deleted the partition from your Windows computer.

You’re rearranging your computer data and accidentally deleting a partition. It stores years of work papers, precious images, and critical files.

Panic kicks in as you comprehend the extent of the loss. But, before despair sets in, remember that there is hope.

With the right advice and resources, you may recover your deleted partition and get back your important files.

The following article will review how to use the iFinD Data Recovery software to recover a deleted partition. You may be sure that you can quickly and effectively restore your data by following this step-by-step tutorial.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

What Causes Partition Loss?

Partition loss can happen for a number of causes, from technological problems to human error. Prior to discussing recovery techniques, it is important to comprehend the typical causes of partition loss.

These are a few typical reasons why partitions loss:

● Accidental Deletion:

Among the most frequent culprits is human mistake. A partition may be lost if it is mistakenly erased while attempting to carry out other tasks.

● Partition Formatting:

Data loss may occasionally result from the necessity of creating the correct partition. Disc management or a fresh OS installation may cause it.

● Software Errors:

Partition loss can occasionally be caused by specific software or utilities, primarily when using disc management tools.

● Virus or Malware:

A file system can be corrupted by malicious software, rendering a partition unusable or erasing it completely.

● Hardware Failures:

Partition loss may result from physical problems with your storage device, such as a hard drive crash.

● Human Error:

Partition loss might result by selecting the incorrect partition by accident for formatting or deletion, or from executing disc management operations incorrectly.

iFinD Software to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows 10/11

It begs the question, “Why choose iFinD Data Recovery when it comes to recovering deleted partitions on your Windows 10/11 system?”. You know, there are many reasons why iFinD Data Recovery is so much more than just the average.

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Unlike other recovery solutions, which could be challenging to use and understand, iFinD Data Recovery features an intuitive interface that walks you through the process in detail.

Its advanced capabilities also guarantee a high success rate in retrieving deleted files and partitions. It provides you comfort in knowing that your data is in skilled hands. In addition, iFinD Data Recovery is well known for its effectiveness and rapidity. It swiftly restores deleted partitions because of its strong scanning algorithms, it saves your precious time and work.

Why then select Free iFinD Data Recovery? Because it provides you with the best option for recovering deleted partitions on your Windows 10/11 system by combining speed, flexibility, and security.

Step-by-Step Recovery Guide using iFinD Data Recovery Software:

Although losing a partition can be upsetting, you can quickly retrieve your lost data by using the iFinD Data Recovery software. Take these easy actions to recover your files:

How to Recover Deleted Partition in Windows 10_11-1

1. Download and Install iFinD Data Recovery:

Download the software by going to the official iFinD Data Recovery website. Start the installer once the download is complete. There are instructions on the screen. Follow them to install the software on your Windows 10/11 PC.

2. Launch iFinD Data Recovery:

After installation, double-click the desktop icon of the iFinD Data Recovery programme or look for it in the Start menu to open it. An intuitive user interface that accelerates the data recovery procedure will greet you.

3. Select the Partition to Recover:

From the primary interface, a list of your system’s drives and partitions will be shown to you. To pick the drive for recovery, locate the deleted partition on it and click on it. Then, to continue, click the “Next” button.

4. Choose Scan Mode:

Two scan options are available in iFinD Data Recovery: Quick Scan and Deep Scan.

● Quick Scan:

This option looks for recently deleted files on the chosen partition quickly. Since this method is speedier, you are advised to start with it.

● Deep Scan:

You have the option to use the Deep Scan, which thoroughly searches the partition for any recoverable files. It includes those that have been lost for longer—if the Quick Scan fails to produce the desired results.

5. Select Files for Recovery:

Well, iFinD Data Recovery incredibly gives you a comprehensive list of the files that may be retrieved right after the scan is finished. What’s more, you’ll find several files available there, from which it is pretty easier to select the one you always wanted to recover.

6. Recover Deleted Partition:

Click “Recover” to start the recovery procedure after choosing the desired files. Select a folder to store the files that were recovered. To prevent overwriting already-existing data, saving them to a different drive is advised. Click “OK” to begin the recovery procedure after choosing the location.

7. Wait for Recovery Completion:

While it works its magic, iFinD Data Recovery will retrieve the selected files and restore them to the specified destination. The recovery process depends on the computer’s performance.

8. Access Recovered Files

Go to where you saved the recovered files when the recovery process is finished. Ensure all of your crucial data has been retrieved and is available.


1. Is it safe to use iFinD Data Recovery?

Yes, iFinD Data Recovery is risk-free and doesn’t endanger your data or system.

2. Can a partition that has been erased be recovered?

A common misconception among users is that deleted partitions cannot be recovered. But it isn’t the reality. Because of the way your computer functions, the best partition recovery software can restore deleted or lost partitions. Partition tables and boot sectors are used by the PC to identify different partitions.

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You can recover deleted partitions in Windows 10/11 using iFind Recovery software, so keeping the partition safe is not a complicated matter.

The biggest benefit of using iFind is that you can quickly recover lost data by yourself with just one click without wasting more time.

So, the next time disaster strikes, remember – with iFinD Data Recovery, there’s always a silver lining!