Your data is valuable, So Your data recovery is expensive! So maybe the first question after your data loss is, how much does hard drive data recovery cost?

There’re so many situations which can cause your data loss, such as software/system Malfunctions, hardware failure, Human mistakes, Virus attack, ETC. Therefore, The hard drive data recovery cost is various depends on each specific case.

First, we will talk a little about the level of data loss and recovery. Usually, we need date recovery when our data is missing, or our hard drive or any other storage device doesn’t work anymore. Typically there is the list of the type of issue.

Level 1: Human or software error

In this level, the hard drive is entirely functional. You may delete the file or format the drive by accident, and Maybe you are facing system crash or virus attack. However, nothing is hardware related.

Level 2: Hard drive internal issues

hard drive pcb

There is some part of a hard drive may be damaged or broken, which cause the hard drive failure. Typically with PCB failure cause of a power surge or Firemare damage.

Level 3: Hard drive Physical damage

clean room

In this level, a “clean room” is needed for data recovery(which is expensive). Typically with R/W heads Failure, Frozen Spindle/Motors and mechanical damages.

Besides the hard drive, We also like to use Flash drive and SSD drive to store and carry our data. Unlike the traditional HDDs, there is NO mechanical part in flash and SSD drives, So the cost is mostly in Level 1 and 2 zones, more or less.

There are also some Multiple hard drives used devices like RAID or Storage Networking, and basically, the recovery cost fee is added up by the number of hard drives.

Well, we know the level now, what’s the next?

Data Recovery Service or Data Recovery Software?

data recovery software

Using data recovery software is like a DIY data recovery process. You get the free/paid software, download and install it, following the software guide to search and recover your lost data. It may take you some time and money, and there is no guarantee that you can recover the data 100% successfully.

data recovery service

As a technical company, A data recovery service (should) has the most high-tech and professional equipment and experts, like the “clean room” we talk about above, they handle all the diagnose and recover job for you. All you need to do is pay the bill, and definitely, it’s not a few dozen dollars.

So, have any idea? Here is my point:

Good For data recovery software

  • Level 1 issue Only

  • Lack of budget

  • Willing to spend time learning computer and software stuff

  • Tolerate risk of data loss

Good For data recovery service

  • All Level 1-3 issues

  • Budget is enough

  • Have no time/willing for research

  • Very important or valuable data need to recover

More tips about hard drive data recovery cost

1, If you plan to buy data recovery software, pick the ones with free or trial version, so you can test the software to find and recover the target files and make sure to Not waste your money.

2, Be ready for an enormous budget increase if you are facing an encrypted, Physical damage or RAID issue.

3, You need an extra storage device to receive the recovered data, or by online transfer if the data is small.

4, Get your package solid and crashworthy if you are going to mail the hard drive to recovery company for Prevention of secondary damage during the transportation.

5, Do your research for local data recovery services, check the reviews, call or visit them for a diagnose and cost estimation.