Lost or deleted data on a hard drive is a situation we all hope to never confront. you want to Recover Hard Drive Data, You find an important hard drive has been formatted, and you are unable to access it. Perhaps it can happen accidentally, or you deleted a hard drive but realized that you needed those deleted files. Sometimes we also format to change file systems that run into issues, and now you have to recover those files in conclusion.

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You may not have to look any further because we will help you overcome these concerns with the best and free solutions.

Common Scenarios of Hard Drive Data Loss

There are several scenarios that are both accidental and inadvertent when you lose data from a hard drive. These scenarios include:

Hardware Failure: This can be a somewhat inevitable scenario when you lose data on a hard drive. Hard drives can automatically fail at the end of their lifespans. However, failure can also happen in situations like mishandling, power surges, fire, or water that can damage its internal components or make the drive dead.

Formatting: When you format your PC while installing Windows or format a non-boot volume or external hard drive, this can happen.

Corruption: This happens when an internal hard drive gets corrupted. In such cases, boot won’t happen because of damage to the master boot record or boot configuration data.

Deletion: This is one of the most common scenarios when you can lose data. for example, You deleted certain files like a document, photo, video, email message, audio, or archive file that go to the Recycle the Recycle Bin but hit the Deleted Key without peeking into these files.

3 Methods to Recover Hard Drive Data  

Check the recycle bin for Recover Hard Drive Data

This is a common and easy method to recover data from the recycle bin. As we delete files from our laptop or computer, they go directly to the recycle bin instead of being permanently deleted. The only time this doesn’t happen is when the file is too large to be sent there or the recycle bin is already full.

So, this is a viable option to check the recycle bin before moving on to any other data recovery solutions:

Open the Recycle Bin on your computer.

How to Recover Hard Drive Data1

As it opens, you can see all the deleted files there. Right-click your file and select “Restore” to retrieve files back to other drives. If you want to recover multiple files, hold Ctrl and select all desired files before clicking right to recover them.

How to Recover Hard Drive Data: 3 Best Data Recovery Solutions3

All the deleted files will be delivered back to their original locations as soon as you click on Restore. Alternatively, you can also drag all the files from the recycle bin to a location of your choice. Try the next method if you are unable to recover files from the recycle bin.

Restore Files from a Backup

This is another easy method to Recover Hard Drive Data files. Of course, this method is only viable if you have a backup to recover the data from. Windows equips you with the backup utilities to back up your data, which require you to configure them. File History is one such tool that takes snapshots of your files. It enables you to restore a working version of them.

If you have enabled File History, you can make a copy of your files by following these simple steps:

First of all launch the Start menu, and type “file history” in the search bar. Select File History from the Control Panel search result.

How to Recover Hard Drive Data4

Then click on the Restore personal files option from the File History Control Panel window.

Navigate to the location where files were stored. Use the navigation arrows to point to a point in time where files were stored in the folder. Select which files you want to recover. Then, click on the restore button. As the restore process completes, all the files will be back in the folder.

How to Recover Hard Drive Data6
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Recover hard drive data using iFinD Data Recovery Software.

The iFinD Data Recovery tool is a comprehensive solution to Recover Hard Drive Data. Whether you are dealing with recovering lost photos, videos, documents, or other file types, this versatile tool covers everything.

Step 1: first of all, Go to the official website of iFinD Data Recovery Software, download it, and install it on your device. The installation process is a breeze. You can easily get started even with little knowledge. Users can take services of the software for up to 1 GB data free of cost.

Step 2: next Several recovery modes will appear when you launch the software. You’ll need to choose an appropriate mode depending on the type of data loss. These modes include:

Selection of Recovery Mode

File Recovery: If files are accidentally deleted or lost, this is an ideal mode for you. The partition remains intact and usable throughout the process.

Partition Recovery: This mode is for you if your partition has been damaged or corrupted. This mode enables the recovery of data from damaged or inaccessible partitions, allowing data recovery even in the most challenging circumstances. Recover Hard Drive Data from a lost partition disk.

Resume: This is a great mode for those who have to pause the process and then later continue it. Resume mode helps you save the scan and recovered results. This mode enables you to pick up where you left off immediately without starting from the beginning again.

Step 3: A list of partitions or storage devices connected to your system will display when you choose the appropriate recovery mode. Here, you will have to make a careful selection of the hard drive from the display list.

Step 4: It is time to scan the selected storage device. iFinD Data Recovery software thoroughly scans the selected device, employing advanced algorithms and techniques. This process leaves no stone unturned to locate lost files.

Several options will be at your disposal during the whole process.

Pause: Click on the “Pause” button and temporarily halt the process. Any files up to this will be displayed, and you can check if the desired files have been located. Click on the “Resume” button to continue the process if desired files have been located, so you can scan additional files.

Cancel: This mode enables you to terminate the scanning process and go back to the device selection screen. Be careful with this process because it will abort the recovery process.

Real-time Display: You will see a real-time display of the number of files found as the scanning process proceeds. This will display different categories of files, such as pictures, media, compressed files, and documents.

Step 5: Once you are done with the scanning process and have located all the desired files, It is time to retrieve your precious data. Simply click the “Recover” button, and retrieval of the desired files will be initiated. if you want to Recover Hard Drive Data, please click “Recover” button.

Remember, it is prudent to avoid restoring data back to the same device from which it was originally deleted or lost. This can overwrite or corrupt the recovered data.

iFinD Data Recovery Software Features

iFinD is a reliable source to recover lost files without spending even a penny. There are several reasons to choose iFinD software:

  • You can effectively recover documents, folders, emails, and videos, including 2000+ types of files.
  • Recover permanently lost data on multiple devices and sources like cameras, recycle bins, trash, HDDs, partitions, etc.
  • Restore accidentally deleted data from a formatted drive, system crash, virus attack, etc. with just a few clicks.
  • Data recovery history is saved in each use for future purposes.
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Final Thoughts 

Retrieving your lost or deleted data from a hard drive is a breeze with these detailed data recovery methods. We have reviewed these methods:

  • Check the recycle bin.
  • Restore Data from a Backup
  • iFinD Data Recovery Software

All these methods are capable of delivering great results. However, we highly recommend iFinD Data Recovery Software because of its versatile nature and ability to help you recover any sort of hard drive data.

The iFinD Data Recovery Free tool is a powerful and comprehensive solution to recover hard drive-lost data. it can help you to Recover Hard Drive Data, It is a robustly designed formula with a user-friendly interface, advanced recovery algorithms, and comprehensive file support that makes it a standout solution on the market. This is an efficient service to choose when you seek to recover personal files or are a business professional dealing with critical data loss.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How can I recover a formatted hard drive using CMD?

The Windows File Recovery tool can help you recover a formatted hard drive if you have access to a Windows computer. Below is a step-by-step process:

  • Install Windows File Recovery.
  • Launch CMD.
  • Enter a recovery command in the winfr source-drive: destination-drive: [switches] format.

You can also get more information about the process from Microsoft’s website. You will find several more ways that you can copy and paste.

Which is the most effective way to recover data from a formatted hard disk without software?

Recovery of a formatted hard disk without using software is a highly challenging task. you want to Recover Hard Drive Data without software, However, the most effective way is to have a previously created backup of your important files. however  Contacting a data recovery lab near you becomes the next viable option if you have no backup and data loss is critical.

How is it possible to recover a formatted external hard drive?

Recovering data from a formatted external hard drive is a straightforward process. This is similar to recovering formatted internal hard drives. However, the trick you need to apply is to begin the data recovery process before the deleted data becomes overwritten. Use a reliable data recovery software application like iFinD Data Recovery Software to ensure the whole process remains easy and steadfast.