Can’t find an important document that you have saved in your local disk C on the computer? Incidentally deleted a fold which was full of last week’s family travel Photos stored in your D drive? Don’t worry. Below, we will guide you through every necessary step to resolve these issues. Let’s take a closer look at how to recover any deleted files and folders from C drive, D drive and even your E drive.

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Data in today’s digital era is very precious, since we have stored all types of data in our OneDrive account and local drives, such as family photos, essential work documents or music library. The moment they are lost due to unforeseen circumstances or loss, we will be messed up. Having an amazing Data Recovery software in hand will save us from these situations. We won’t have to worry about deleting files accidentally or losing data on our local drives due to unpredictable circumstances.

FinD Data Recovery provides a user-centric, free, effective, user-friendly solution for recovering lost data on any local disks, no matter local disk C, local disk D or local disk E. In this review, we offer you a comprehensive look at its features, benefits, and process for quick recovery of deleted files when you thought the files were lost forever. Just experience data loss without breaking the bank or incurring expensive costs.

New Steps on How to Recover Files or Folders Permanently Lost from Your Local Disk C, D, or E Free?

Utilizing iFinD Data Recovery is user-friendly, making it accessible for experienced and novice computer users. Here is a step-by-step guide to recovering lost files or folders in the local drives:

Download for Windows
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30 Days Money Back

Step 1: Download and Install

Get your recovery journey underway by downloading iFinD Data Recovery Free from its official website and following its quick installation procedure, setting you up in minutes. This step sets the foundation for successful data retrieval efforts ahead.

fast installation of the usb data recovery program

Step 2: Selection of Recovery Mode

After starting the free-to-use software, two recovery options will appear for selection: “Lost File Recovery” and “Lost Partition Recovery.” These enable you to tailor the recovery process based on whether your loss involves individual files being accidentally deleted, missing partitions that cannot be located or corrupted partitions which no longer boot properly.

Selection of Recovery Mode

Step 3: Scanning for Lost Data

Once disk recovery mode is selected, iFinD uses advanced algorithms to perform an intensive scan across any targeted drive or partition in search of recoverable files – essential when uncovering data that might seem irretrievably lost. Its robust scanning abilities also play a key role here!

a full scan of the lost data

Step 4: Preview and Recovery

After scanning, iFinD offers an optional preview feature, enabling you to sort through and evaluate potentially recoverable files before restoring them. Once identified and selected, a straightforward click initiates restoration in an identified safe location – securely saving all your precious data!

preview and recover the found files

Other Core Functions and Key Features

iFinD Data Recovery stands out in data restoration with its innovative combination of core functions and key features designed to address various forms of data loss efficiently and precisely.

  • Lost File Recovery:The Lost File Recovery function offers users an effective solution for recovering accidentally deleted files, like documents, photos and media that have gone missing in an instance of system instability or directly through deletion – providing reliable pathways back.
  • Lost Partition Recovery:For complex data loss issues such as missing or corrupted partitions, the disk recovery software is equipped to recover entire volumes of data – precious in cases involving personal and business use where data partition-related losses must be successfully managed. This function proves essential when recovering volumes of vital personal or company files that iFinD can find for us.
  • Free Recover of up to 1GB:Representing significant value, the disk data recovery program allows users to recover up to 1GB for totally free when testing its capabilities without upfront investment, making this feature particularly advantageous for small data recovery needs.
  • Advanced 4K Alignment Recovery: With SSDs becoming ever more prevalent, the optimization for 4K alignment ensures users equipped with modern storage technology are included – improving data recovery from both 512-byte sector drives as well as 4096-byte sector drives. This feature provides users who depend on SSDs don’t lose out.
  • Raw Photo Recovery in Minutes: iFinD Data Recovery is known efficiently recovering raw photo files across significant camera brands – an invaluable feature for photographers and visual artists who require fast retrieval of lost or corrupted raw photos quickly and efficiently. This service ensures lost files can be recovered swiftly and efficiently so lost photographs don’t become irretrievably lost!
  • Comprehensive Format and Device Support:The disk data recovery software demonstrates its versatility through support for over 2000 file formats and various storage mediums such as internal hard drives, USB drives and memory cards. Such broad compatibility guarantees recovery regardless of storage medium or file type – whether internal, external or memory card storage medium is involved!

Additional Tips on Data Recovery

Beyond its core capabilities, iFinD offers several extra functions that enhance user experience:

  • Filter Junk Files:Simplify and expedite recovery processes by quickly detecting and filtering out unnecessary files during their search process.
  • Scan Pause/Resume:For your convenience, the scan pause/resume feature lets you conveniently pause or resume scans as required.
  • Save Scan Results:Save scan results for future reference to save time in repeated recovery attempts.
  • Instant Recovery Results:View and organize recovered files quickly by file type to streamline recovery.

Plans and Packages

iFinD Data Recovery software offers various plans and packages tailored to users’ recovery requirements and preferences. Whether it’s just a one-off data loss issue or long-term recovery needs necessitating solutions.

  • Free Plan: For newbies, you can use iFinD Data Recovery for 100% free to see if the disk files recovery process is easy or not.
Download for Windows
Get 50% OFF Now!

30 Days Money Back

  • 1 Month Plan: Ideal for users needing short-term solutions, this plan offers 1 license per PC with a free upgrade for 1 month and 24/7 VIP Service at $59.90, making this ideal for immediate data recovery tasks.
  • Lifetime/1PC:For individuals searching for long-term data recovery solutions, this package offers 1 license per PC with lifetime free upgrades and VIP service at $69.90. It gives peace of mind knowing all their recovery needs will be covered for life!
  • Lifetime/3PC: For families or small businesses alike, this option offers 1 license for 3 PCs at just $109.90 along with lifetime free upgrades and 24/7 VIP Service support – providing both flexibility and security when recovering data across multiple devices simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does iFinD Data Recovery Free to Use?
  2. Yes. It’s 100% free to use the disk data recovery software of iFinD.
  1. How Should I Do for My lost Data before Using iFinD Data Recovery?
  2. Please prevent the data lost in the local drive from being overwritten before using the free program. Please do not set the previous folder as the location folder once the lost files or folders are recovered.
  1. Can I Restore Lost Data from a Formatted HDD or SSD?
  2. Of course. The data recovery program empowers you to restore lost data from your formatted hard drives or SD cards or even CF cards.

Wrapping Up

iFinD Data Recovery program offers an intuitive solution for recovering lost files in the local drives no matter they were stored in C drive or D drive. With its comprehensive feature set, high success rate recovery rate, and option for free recovery services, The program stands out as a valuable solution for recovering any data loss- simple file deletions or complex recovery scenarios. The best disk recovery software provides reliable solutions that restore both files and peace of mind.