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How To Recover Deleted Files Windows 10/7/8

File Recovery Windows 10

It happens that you found your valuable data lost or deleted by accident, especially when you are using windows system with some “bad” habits, such as using”shift”+”del” to delete files, or clear recycle bin too often. This is the time you wish there is a key in keyboards called “Undeleted“!

There are many reasons can cause you losing files, but even so, we have some solutions for how to recover deleted files Windows 10/7/8 here.

Recover deleted files From Recycle Bin

Always checks the recycle bin first! If you just push the delete button or drag the file or folder into the recycle bin, all you need to do is open it on your desktop. Check the files you want back, right-click the file then choose to restore.

Restore deleted files in Recycle Bin


if you can’t found the icon, use Win+R for run and put “shell:RecycleBinFolder” then click enter, that’s it.


1, Using Delete without Shift, you may have one more chance to save your files.
2, The operation of “Empty Recycle Bin” must be treated carefully!

Restore Deleted Files With Previous Versions Tabs In Windows

Except for the Windows Backup, there is also a built-in function in Windows called “Shadow Copy” which we can use for recover deleted file in windows. Microsoft adds it from Windows XP and made lots of improvements in the following Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. There are some differences listed.

Windwos 7 Windows system will automatically build a shadow copies(as restore point) daily, or by manual. The function called “Previous Versions” is also added in Win7
Windows 8 The shadow coppies function is still there, but the “Previous versions” tab was removed, nonetheless, you can still use the 3-part tools to retrieve.
Windwos 10 Windows 10 bring the “Previous Versions” tab back from Win8; but Microsoft rebuild it on a whole new function called “File History” now in place of the old “Volume Shadow copy”

How to recover deleted files windows 7

Step 1: Right-Click the file you want to recover (For Deleted files, just right-click the folder which the file in), Select “Restore previous versions”

Step 2: Choose the file and version you want to recover, and click Restore.

Step 3: Double check the version and click Restore again, you will get the deleted file back now.

How to restore deleted files windows 8/8.1

As we mentioned, there is no previous versions tab in win8, however, you can use shadowexplorer to restore deleted files. you can download and view the manual at https://www.shadowexplorer.com/

How to recover deleted files windows 10

Step 1: Click start and input “File History”, you will see the result and click to open the “restore your files with file history”.

Step 2: Then you can find all the files that recently been stored, choose the data you need to recover, and hit the GRN button below to restore.


Make sure you had Set up a drive for File History or Backup, so windows can save your files automatically. Check here for more details at Microsoft support.

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