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How to Recover Deleted Photos/Pictures from SD Card?

It happens that you lost the photos, pictures or even all files on SD card by accident, and it sucks! Need some advice for how to recover deleted Photos and pictures From your sd Card? Here are our guide which can easily restore your deleted files free and safe!

1: What is SD Card?

SD Card is a kind of non-volatile memory card, It’s an electronic flash memory data storage device used for storing digital information. Almost all digital products use SD card, Especially digital cameras, mobile phone, digital camera, and electronic recorder.

SD Card

Mini SD Card

Micro SD Card

The advantages of SD card are compact, easy to carry and fast transmission. However, the stability is not good, and some human error. It cause sometimes the compute can not read the SD card which full of photos. It’s a very painful thing.

2: How To Recover Deleted Photos From SD Card?

Step 1: Stay away from your SD card! most importantly, it means DO NOT paste, delete or creat anything new, Remove it from your digital device ASAP.

Step 2: Download and install iFinD Data Recovery, it’s a Free Data Recovery Software, and slelect the first button:”Lost File Recovery”.

  • “Lost File Recovery” module works for accidentally formatted or deleted SD card.
  • “Lost Partition Recovery” works well for the device with damaged partition. As the typical single partition device, the SD card is not suited for this module.

Step 3: Then you will see a partition list of your device, select the one which represents your SD card. Usually it’s marked with USB FLASH DRIVER, USB DEVICE and etc. Then start to scan.

Step4: Scanning

  • 1: Cancel: Click this button, the program will terminate the ongoing scanning process, and return to the device selection page of the second step, most importantly, please click carefully.
  • 2: Pause: Click this button. The program will pause the scanning process and display the found files. If you have found the file you need. in fact, you can click the ‘Resume’ button to continue scanning.
  • 3: This place will display the number of files found in real time. From top to bottom, they are all the files, pictures, media, compression, and documents.

Step 5: Recover deleted photos from your sd card

  • 1: If you do not find the file you need, click “Resume” button to continue scanning until you find the file you need.
  • 2: on the other hand you find a file that you need to restore, click the “Recover” button. then select a local disk location, save the file you found to the local disks.

Finally, ifind should restored your photos successful. Last thing to remember, DO NOT save your Recovered files to the SD card again! Now it’s time to download the software and recover your deleted pictures!

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