We expand our office recovery series to Excel recovery this week, and with the most asked question: how to recover excel file?

Unlike the office word, Excel is all about tables and calculations. You may face more problems when dealing with excel files. As always, we give you some tips for how to get them back and how to Not lose them.

how to recover unsaved excel file 2016/2013/2007?

As a part of Microsoft office, the recovery of excel is very similar with office word. In case you read this before our office word tips, here is the detailed step by step methods to help you to recover excel file not saved.

Method 1: Recover Unsaved excel Documents From Office Autosave

excel autosave

Autosave is a new function for Office 365 which allows the Microsoft Excel to save your Xls/Xlsx files automatically on your cloud drives like OneDrive or SharePoint.

With this feature, Recover Autosave Excel is easy and self-acting, The Excel will save your working files every few seconds. You can even find some previous versions if you need a restore.

Method 2: Recover Unsaved excel Documents From Excel Autorecover

excel autorecover

Excel Autorecover is a building-in function of Microsoft office(2003-2016) for saving your file copy at a custom setup period automatically. You can use these copies to recover your unsaved Excel documents when you forgot to save the excel document, your excel crashed, or your Computer suddenly shut down.

Excel AutoRecover Setting Locations(For different versions):

FileOpenFiles of type – All Files

Files of type

Microsoft OfficeOpenFiles of type – All Files

FileOpenFiles of type – All Files

Normally, Excel will display a notice of Document Recovery task pane after starting if there are some autorecover files available.

excel autorecover panel

If not, you can still go to “Manage Workbook” to open the unsaved files.

recover unsaved workbooks

Method 3: Recover Unsaved excel Documents From Excel backup files

First, you need to select the “Always create backup” option in File – Save As – Tool – General Options.



Then, the Excel will store a *.xlk backup file for you. So you have a chance to recover the unsaved files by using these backup files.

Method 4: Recover Unsaved excel Documents From windows previous versions

Method 5: Recover Unsaved excel Documents From iFinD data recovery

If you get no luck with the tips above, or all or part of your computer data was damaged, you can still try our free ifind data recovery software to search and recover all excel files like Xls/Xlsx/Xlk.