Have you ever faced a situation when you connected a USB drive to your computer and wanna transfer files only to discover that your Windows computer didn’t recognize it. In some words, you might say you lost all the data on the USB, including the one that you already had on it?


If it happened to you, you’re certainly not the first person to experience this situation. However, there are several free solutions available online that can give a sigh of relief that even deleted files from USB not recognized are recoverable. 

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In this article, we will share you with several methods to retrieve data deleted from USB detected or flash drive not recognized.

What Can Cause Data Loss on a USB Drive?

In addition to unplugging a device when it’s in use, several reasons can lead to data loss on a USB drive whether it’s detected or not showing up. These reasons may include:


  • Accidental file deletion
  • Hardware failure
  • Software bug
  • Formatted USB Drive
  • Malware infection 
  • Improper removal
  • Physical damage
  • User error
  • File system corruption

Important suggestions on USB recovery:

In most cases, lost data is recoverable if you start the recovery process as soon as possible. Regardless of the reasons, some certain ways can make sure you recover deleted files from flash drive successfully:

  • Do not use USB drive immediately after discovering data has been lost.
  • Safely disconnect flash drive from the computer and store it somewhere safe and use only when you can perform the whole recovery process.
  • To avoid any complications from read/write operation, avoid copying data from USB drive to a different location.

4 Methods We Can Use to Free Recover USB Files

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Method One: Free recover lost data from a USB not recognized with iFinD USB recovery software

Data in the digital age is of extreme importance. But this comes with risks, like the possibility of deleting document files. However, this problem is solvable with the USB recovery free software, effective, and a user-friendly solution. Below is a comprehensive look into how iFinD can retrieve lost data from USB drives and other sources. 

How to Recover Lost USB Drive Files using Free iFinD Data Recovery Step by Step?


iFinD Data Recovery is a user-friendly solution that makes data recovery a breeze for all experienced and novice computer users.

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Step 1: Download the free USB recovery software from the official website. Then, follow the quick installation procedure that won’t take long to set up. This is a stepping stone toward achieving the desired data retrieval results. 

fast installation of the usb data recovery program

Step 2: When you start the software, two options will appear: “Lost File Recovery” and “Lost Partition Recovery.” Those will tailor whether you want to restore individual files that were accidentally deleted, missing partitions, or corrupted partitions that couldn’t be booted properly. 


Selection of Recovery Mode

Step 3: As you select the drive recovery mode, iFinD performs an extensive scan across all files, which is essential for files that seem irretrievably lost. iFinD boasts robust scanning capabilities that take the scanning process to the next level.

a full scan of the lost data

Step 4: iFinD offers an optional preview feature as the scanning process completes. It gives you a preview of files before selecting to recover them. Once you have reviewed files and selected them, a straightforward click initiates restoration, and it won’t take long to finish this process.

preview and recover the found files

Additional Tips

There are some additional Tips on how recover lost files: 


  • Quickly detect and filter out unnecessary files to fasten the recovery process.
  • Use the scan pause/resume feature to pause and resume scans.
  • Save scan results to help yourself in the future for repeated recovery attempts. 
  • Quickly review and organize retrieved files by type to quicken the recovery process.
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Method Two: Free retrieve deleted files using Windows File Recovery Build-in tool 

Microsoft released its own data recovery application, called Windows File Recovery, in response to the substantial demand for third-party data recovery software. Windows File Recovery is available for Windows 10 version 2004 and other higher versions that you can use to retrieve deleted files from any USB drive. The only problem with this method is that it does not have a graphical user interface like many third-party software. 


Below is a process to retrieve deleted data from a USB flash drive using Windows File Recovery:

  • Go to Microsoft Store, and download Windows File Recovery. 
  • Connect your flash drive to the computer. Memorize the drive letter assigned to it.
  • Open Windows Terminal or CMD as an administrator.
  • Right click on the USB drive to select Properties. Then, check the File System of it.
  • Wait for the process to finish. 


Method Three: Free recover deleted files from an OTG pen drive


You can recover deleted files from an OTG pen drive through two main options: Command Prompt, which requires a bit more tech knowledge, and data recovery software.


Here’s an easy way to recover deleted files from an OTG pen drive: 


  • Download and install iFinD Data Recovery
  • Connect your OTG pen drive to the device and launch the software.
  • From the list of displayed devices, click on the pen drive to select it. 
  • Click Search to scan the device from data was lost.
  • Click Review found items to have a look at all files.
  • Select the files that you need to retrieve and hit the Recover button.
  • Select a location to restore files.


Method Four: Free recover lost data from a USB using Command Prompt


The data recovery process is simple from a USB flash drive using Command Prompt:


  • Connect the flash drive to your computer. 
  • Click on the Start icon on the left of the taskbar or press the Windows logo key to open the Start menu.
  • Search CMD from the search bar, and hit enter.
  • Type in chkdsk E: /f in the Command Prompt window, and hit the Enter button on your keyboard.
  • Type in attrib -h -r -s /s /d E:\*.* and hit the Enter key on your computer. As the process completes, remove the flash drive from the device.  


Other Key Features of the Free USB Recovery Software If You Wanna Know


iFinD Data Recovery stands out among data recovery solutions. It boasts quality features, including: 


Lost Partition Recovery: Recover complex partition data files involving personal and business. This function gains more importance when it comes to finding volumes of vital personal or company files. 


Free Recovery of Up to 1GB: Users can retrieve up to 1GB of data free of charge. As there is no upfront cost for this feature, it is highly advantageous for someone who needs software for small data recoveries. 


Lost File Recovery: Users can retrieve lost files like documents, photos, and media that gone missing because of system instability or directly through deletion. This provides a reliable pathway to recover those deleted files


Raw Photo Recovery in Minutes: The software helped recover raw photos across significant camera brands. This is an invaluable feature for photographers and visual artists to retrieve their corrupted or raw photos in just a few minutes process. This service paces way to recover lost files swiftly and efficiently so they don’t lose their raw photos permanently. 


Advanced 4K Alignment Recovery: Nothing to worry if you are an SSD user, as iFinD aligns with 4K. This feature takes data recovery to next level for both 512-byte and 4096-byte sector drives. 


Supports Many Formats and Devices: You can imagine the versatility of this feature as they it can help recover files across more than 2000 formats. This feature further expands to several storage mediums like internal hard drives, USB drives and memory cards. This broader compatibility guarantees recovery from internal, external or memory card storage medium. 

Plans and Packages

iFinD Data Recovery software comes in different plans and packages to suit different requirements and preferences. These plans include: 


Free Plan: This is great for newbies if to check the whole recovery process.


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1 Month Plan: This is ideal for short-term use that costs $59.90 with 24/7 VIP Service.


Lifetime/1 PC: This package offers 1 license per PC with lifetime free upgrades at $69.90.


Lifetime/3PC: This package includes 1 license for 3 PCs at just $109.90 with 24/7 VIP Service support as well as lifetime free upgrades.

Final Thoughts on Retrieving Data from a USB Drive Unrecognized

Just because you have lost important files doesn’t mean you can’t retrieve them. We have summarized 4 solutions available on the market that will provide a sigh of relief if you somehow lose data from USB not recognized. 


The data recovery software process is simple and easy that suits everyone. We will always choose iFinD Data Recovery Software for its multitude of amazing features.