What is lost file recovery?

Maybe you want to know how to find lost files? Lost file recovery is the most commonly used function, which can solve most of the data loss. In general, as long as the operating system can recognize the partition, whether it can be seen or not, theoretically, the lost files in the partition can be found. This function is elementary to recover lost files windows 10 and previous versions.

Lost file recovery supports the following situations:

  • The user deletes the file by mistake and emptied the recycle bin.
  • Partition damage. The operating system shows that the partition cannot be opened. Partitions displayed in raw format, indicating that the partition needs to be formatted. You can also check the Lost Partition Recovery Tips here.
  • I want to recover the data on the formatted partition, or the virus, using data loss caused by power failure.

How to used the software to recover the lost files?

Step1: Downloading the ifind recovery software and install it on your computer. (Notice: DO NOT install it on the partition of your lost files)

Step2: Running the software, and click the first button: “Lost File Recovery”.

Step3: Selecting the partition which you want to recover, and click “Next”. If you have not found the partition, please reconnect the device and click “Refresh”.

Step4: Ending scan, you can found all the files in the partition, It find lost files. Please select the files which you want to recover and click “Recover”.

Lost file recovery is the most important function of software and the most widely used function. I hope this article can help you understand what is lost file recovery and how to restore lost files.

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