Deleted recovery is the biggest requirement in data recovery. Perhaps you will ask: Which is called deleted files data recoverylet me list the main scenarios about this:

  • Because the user misread the file name, the user accidentally deleted the important file.
  • When users regularly clean up computer junk files, they accidentally delete some important files.
  • At first, I felt some files were unimportant, and then deleted them. After a while, I felt important again. I hope I can find them back.

Is it possible to recover files that the user accidentally deleted? We will solve this problem in the following article.

1: What did the system do when deleting files?

Whether in the FAT system, NTFS system, or HFS system under MAC, we find that deleting a file is much faster than copying it. For example, it takes us a minute to copy a 1G file to our computer, but when we choose to delete it by right-clicking, it may only take a second to go to the recycle bin, then empty the recycle bin, and take another 2-3 second. This time is much faster than it took to copy files. Why?

The reason is that when the system copies a file, it copies all the data of the file to our computer, but when we delete a file, we just make a mark at the head of the file. When the operating system finds this tag, it knows that the file is a deleted file, and then it is not displayed, and other files can use the storage area where the deleted file is located. That’s all, so deleting a file can be fast, but for that reason, we can restore deleted files in some ways.

2: What should we do if the file is deleted by mistake?

As mentioned above, when deleting a file, the operating system will make a mark on the file, and the operating system will not display the file. This is a serious problem. Because if other file data takes up the space of this file, the contents of the deleted file will be destroyed, and the deleted file will not be recovered.

So the file was deleted by mistake. if we found out, the first thing is do not use the computer to copy the file operation, also do not run any other software. prevent any write data operation, resulting in overwriting the deleted file space.

3: How to use data recovery software to recover deleted files?

1: Downloading and installing software.
2: Select “Lost Partition Recovery”
3: When the scan is complete, find the deleted file and click “Recover”.

Now we use a video to show how to use iFinD Data Recovery to recover deleted files.

Through the above article and video, we learned what is delete Recovery and how to use iFinD Data Recovery to recover deleted files. Hope to help you solve the problem.

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