The video is an indispensable part of our daily life nowadays, we used to and love to share our lives with Video shooting and sharing, for work, party, travel and all kinds of small and big moments.

It would be a very miserable experience if you lost the important videos someday, Of cause, we hope that never happens, but beyond that, you need to know the why, what and how about video recovery.

1: What are the main causes of video loss?

  • The storage device loses connection during file transfer.
  • Delete directly or empty the recycle bin by mistake.
  • Virus or malicious code attack.
  • External devices damage like the well known “Formatting Error” or “USB Device not Recognized”, you can check our External Hard Drive Recovery tips
  • The quality of the storage device itself causes file system corruption.

2: How to get back deleted videos?

If the video file is missing, don’t be more flustered. First, check your recycle bin see if your video is there. If not, Then make sure DO NOT make any data writing on the device or partition you storage the video. finally, just let us help you to restore your deleted or lost video with iFinD Data Recovery.

iFinD Data Recovery has powerful recovery capabilities for video files. We can find and recover all kinds of videos in various situations.

Internal Storage DeviceHard Disk, SSD, Dynamic Disk, GPT Disk, RAID and More…
External Storage DeviceCF,Memory Stick,Express Card, NMC card,MD, SDSC, SDHC, SDXC, miniSD, microSD,
SM card, SxS card, UFS, XD card, XQD, USB flash drive and More…

3: How to recover the lost video files using iFinD Data Recovery

There are three steps to recover a video file using iFinD data recovery:
Step1: Downloading and install the software.
Step2: Running the software, If the partition is intact, select “Lost File Recovery.” if the partition has lost, then please select the “Lost Partition Recovery”.
Step3: Select the partition or disk which you want to recover, and click “Next.”
Step4: When scanning is ended, select the video which you lost, and click “Recover” to save.

Here is the video to show you how to retrieve deleted video

Through the above article, we know what is the mainstream video file, the reasons for the loss of video file, and how to quickly find the lost video file through the data recovery software. Hope to help you solve the problem.

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