After the tip for unsaved excel file recovery, we bring you the new guidelines for how to recover deleted excel files this week.

Beside unsaved, We also get some problems with excel like deleted, lost or corrupted file. You may see some of the screenshots before.
couldn''t find excel file

A screenshot of Sorry, we coundn’t find yourfile.xlsx

excel file corrupted

A screenshot of excel file corrupted
However, as always, there are also some tips and methods to let you recover lost or deleted excel files! Following our step by step guideline to getting your deleted/lost excel files back!

how to recover deleted/lost excel file?

We keep telling people this: You always have one more chance to restore your deleted or lost excel files. All you need to do is the next steps:

Step 1: Check your Recycle Bin for a deleted document

recover excel file in recycle bin

If you deleted something, without using shift, or by command, go to recycle bin for it! If you need the guide for recycle bin, check out another article here.

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Step 2: recover deleted/lost file with Exccel Autosave and Autorecover

We talked about this in excel and word unsaved file recovery before, and it also works to recover deleted and lost excel files. Usually, you see an excel Recovery pane pop out when excel find something deleted or changed and recoverable.

excel document recovery pane

If the recovery pane didn’t show, you could also do this by manual operation. First Go to Options – Save to get the Autorecover file location.

excel autorecover file location

Then browse the location directory to see if there are any autorecover saved files there.

excel autorecover files

At last, Try to use excel to open these autorecovered files.

Step 3: recover deleted/lost excel file with Excel Backup files

There is some difference between Ms Word and Excel for the backup setting. Excel doesn’t turn on the backup option by default. Check our another tip for details about backup setting and backup recovery.

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Step 4: recover deleted/lost excel file with Windows System Backup and previous versions.

If you are lucky enough or have an excellent habit for system backup, you may have backup your data before or set up your previous version functions well. Then you can try to get the deleted excel files by the system or previous version restore. A details article here if this is the first time you heard about previous version or shadow copy.

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Step 5: recover deleted/lost excel file with iFinD Data Recovery

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